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Cascade Locks Engagement | Oregon

If you’ve never been to Cascade Locks, I highly recommend it! The town is perched along the Columbia River, with Table Mountain on one side, and Mount Hood on the other, making for a stunning area to shoot! Being so close to Portland, it would also be an amazing spot to get married!

When I met this gorgeous couple, I knew we were going to have such a fun evening of shooting. They are just my kind of peoples and we had an absolute blast laughing and exploring together.  Luckily for us, the rain held off and we got some amazing photos with dark and gloomy clouds overhead!  Hiking around the beautiful Oregon mountains and countryside with super awesome couples is literally my fav evah.

When the three of us eventually got to the top of the scraggly bluff with the river in the background, we all knew the trek had been worth it. The fall colors were starting to come through on the leaves, and the green and blue mountains in the background made for a beautiful color palette that just so happened to match the bride-to-be’s dress!



Cascade Locks, Oregon

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