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Detroit Lake Engagement | Detroit Lake, Oregon

Ahh, to be engaged. It’s such an exciting time, and I absolutely love shooting couples in this stage of their relationship. You’re both so excited for what’s to come, feeling more in love than ever, and the idea that you’re headed towards spending the rest of your life together is entangling you!

When these two came to me with the idea of a bohemian style outdoor shoot at Detroit Lake, I was over the moon! It’s such a beautiful area with diverse areas to shoot. From lakes side nooks to grassy mountainsides, Detroit Lake has it all. These two are the perfect outdoorsy couple so I knew leaving the exact location of our shoot to them was a great call.  And, as I expected, they had the most amazing, secluded spot in mind.  The lighting was magical as it drenched the treetops and created the most romantic vibe – and believe me these two were picking up on it!

Pro Tip: Can’t decide on an outfit? Bring a couple of options and change halfway through! This bride-to-be rocked two looks, and you end up having such a stunning range of images!


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