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Beach Bridal Portraits | Pacific City Oregon

Golden Hour is my favorite time of day to photograph beautiful bridal portraits.  The warm golden glow creates gorgeous dimension and backlighting but also can cause some amazing splashes of color and light called ‘lens flare’.


“Lens flare: a phenomenon wherein light is scattered or flared, often in response to a bright light, producing an undesirable effect on the image.”

As a photographer, I consider myself a chaser of light. I am drawn to areas with a soft, golden glow, and I love to feel the warmth and energy that these beautiful rays of light leave on us. These flares of light, while technically ‘undesirable’, make my heart happy. They remind me that even the mistakes, and the technical mishaps, and what others may see as less than perfect, are indeed art if you stop and see them as part of the whole picture. That even in life, if we just keep chasing the light and let the warmth and goodness kiss our souls, the imperfect will be turned into something absolutely beautiful.

Want to create some amazing portraits during ‘golden hour’?  Let’s get to planning something amazing.  Contact me here.



Pacific City, Oregon

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