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Beauty in the Details

They say God is in the details. When it comes to photography, I could not agree with that statement more.

So, let’s talk about your wedding! The same is true when it comes to all of those amazing details that go into making your wedding day absolutely perfect. Cause I know, if you’re anything like me, you have put some serious thought into the look, the feel, and the mood of your special day.  You want it to be beautiful, fun, inviting, and scream YOU. You want your guests to be reminded of you and the things you love everywhere they turn. All those little details, while some may say go unnoticed, matter to you.  Cause you know that the sum is greater than its parts.

You’ll want to remember the months spent planning every intricacy of the centerpieces, decor, flowers, table settings, and invitations. Not only do these serve as a reminder of the things that make you and your love for each other unique, those small-ish things of your wedding day make for some amazing pictures. Cause in 30 years, we all want to look back and relive the excitement of our special day.  And, in all honesty, your grandchildren will want to giggle at your poof sleeves and baby pink table settings. Let’s not disappoint them.  The happiest of memories are always found in the details.

In life the details are everything because they remind you – just when you need to be reminded the most – why you fell in love with that moment in the first place.

And, because let’s get real. We know about the months (ok, really, YEARS) that we’ve all spent planning, dreaming, and cavorting with all of our besties over coffee and all those bridal magazines. These details serve to justify just that. Let’s make sure they are remembered forever.


Contributing Vendors:

Flowers by Oak Grove Floral Design

Cake by Nicky B’s Cakes

Calligraphy by Tweegraphy

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